Chapter 1.3

Date Posted: June 10th, 2018, 7:15 pm
Not today, ominous hummingbird.

Author Notes

Oh, you thought he was gonna die? So did he. But Gabe has other plans. So many other plans.
Thank you for your patience! We're finally back :D I'll do my best to update at least twice a month from now on. Great guesses about Ankou by the way, he's flattered and very willing to show his appreciation (soonish).

Unrelated, happy Pride! Check IG this week to see Mathias and Gabby give us their insight about what it means to be ace and genderfluid:

Thanks for reading and commenting, see ya soon!


May I just say, strong mofo here!!! To catch him is one thing, but to have him just hang there without struggling is another entirely!
@SilverFang: Gabe's freakishly strong for a person with such a skinny frame x)
They saved him! (What pronoun does Gabe/Gabby?)
What pronoun does Gabe/Gabby use?
@deee45: it depends! He for dude days, she for gal days and they for genderless days. Right now, it would be he :)
@ZSoj: It was too good a chance to let it slide.
Hey buddy ! You know... This is a totally normal meeting
Yeah, just a casual meeting. Nothing serious
Let the pun be for evet in their favor