Chapter 1.4

Date Posted: August 10th, 2018, 10:28 pm
You'd be a great psychologist, Gabe.

Author Notes

Luckily Matt was too busy with his neuronal meltdown to actually listen to a word Gabe was saying.
Back on track! I'm working on a more regular update schedule for this one. I'll post the sketches in Patreon for all tiers. Thanks for your support, reading, commenting and being awesome! And patient. Very, very patient.

See ya soon :)


How does he do that?
@Let gasp: he has some unseen help x)
Hi I'm Gabe! My profile says I lack an awareness of personal space, but 3cm between our noses is fine, right new buddy?!
@TheWongBec: that's Gabe in a nutshell x)
Gabe!! O___O Gabe, I love you, sweetie.... but I think you're alarming the poor boy. xD
@JaceArchyr: I think he's way too out of it to notice...
Who helped Gabe pull him up?
@deee45: *that's* THE question (with a dangerously spoilery answer)!
Interesting cant Wait for more
@Erstina: in a minute! :)